I was born and educated in Poland.  I graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology.  I moved to the United States in the early nineties and have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area ever since.  I continued my education in the States attending classes at a local adult education center, where I took Medical Terminology, Business, and ESL through Advanced Academic level II.  I have also attended various courses on business communication by World Learning for Business, including: Effective Writing, Vocabulary Builder, Oral Communication Strategies, E-mail Booster, and writing workshops.

I worked in health care and biotechnology in the Bay Area for over ten years.  I worked at a local Medical Center in Medical Information Management Services working with medical records and patients’ database, and also served as an in-house Polish language interpreter.   Subsequent to my work at the hospital, I worked six years in the biotech industry in the Quality Assurance department.  I reviewed and revised technical documentation (Standard Operating Procedures, manufacturing records, instructions for use - IFU product inserts, labeling documents, specifications, Certificates of Analysis, and validation documents), for compliance with current industry regulations and internal procedures.  I was the QA representative on CE Marking project for the company’s diagnostic products, heavily involved in review and overseeing quality of translated Instructions for Use and labeling.

My most recent translation projects include translation of marketing texts and ads, voice-over for a marketing video; e-commerce, IT translations and proofreading; website localization translations; training materials, corporate communication translations; medical survey/firmware; cosmetics, psychological research survey; proofreading of pharmaceutical translations; chemistry articles; instruction manual translations; business and personal letters, personal documents, i.e. Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, and medical records. I also worked on-site for a leading video game publisher based in Silicon Valley.  I provided written translations and phonetic transcriptions, voice recordings, quality control and troubleshooting, as well as expertise on characteristics of the Polish language.

I volunteer for educational institutions in Northern California: an elementary school, and the Polish Language School in the San Francisco Bay Area.